Support, Analytics, SEO
These are three essential assistants for your business. Our analysts will describe your application development requirements. Technical support will monitor the stability, updates, and modifications of the project. SEO experts will set up your website for fast search results in case of a client's query.
We will determine the needs of your company and find the best solutions for product development. We will write detailed documentation, which will be the basis of the functional design.
Expert preparation of technical specifications will make it possible to accurately assess the project, reduce the number of improvements in the future, and save the budget.
Your project is like a living body; it needs development, updating, and timely troubleshooting. We will:
  • Monitor the work of hosting and server.
  • Update SSL certificates and software licenses.
  • Refine the project and implement new features.
  • Provide consultations on any technical issues.
We work in two ways:
  1. Time & Material. Hours the specialist spends on the task are paid.
  2. SLA (Service Level Agreement). A subscription fee is paid for a specific number of hours.
While the client is looking for information on the web, Search Engine Optimization is in demand. Our goal is to bring your project to the top 10 results of Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines.
We will analyze
  • Collect and cluster the semantic core
  • Study the usability of the website and competitors
  • Learn the link profile
We will work on the website
  • Fix technical bugs
  • Optimize the content and increase link building
  • Develop new functionality (if necessary)
We will track the results
  • Monitor the traffic dynamics
  • Control position changes in search engines
  • Report promotion results
Let’s do your project together!
Artem Sitnikov, CEO
Artem Sitnikov
Let’s do your project together!
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