A chain of cozy homeware stores that has been on the market since 2015.
The brand has 100+ retail stores, as well as its own online store.
Project goal
Develop a mobile app as an additional sales channel that has more points of interaction with users
What we’ve got as a result
Incredible 30% conversion from triggered push notifications
  1. We launched the first version of an e-commerce mobile app in 4 months.
  2. Some services had to work using the existing backend, so we built a middleware server: a layer that connects the new app to both the old and the new backend.
New features
Different types of delivery
The app has implemented Push notifications that lead to a specific catalog page or product page – it helps businesses to send targeted notifications, achieve high conversion rates for push notifications, and increase sales at low marketing costs.

Our client needed to gather customers’ feedback about their experience with the products. We implemented review collection systems to collect customers’ opinions through push notifications and feedback request emails. For moderation of such reviews, we modified the functionality of the administrative part of the site, which allows you to publish or reject reviews after moderation.
Personal Approach to Users
In order for the Cozy Home app to have a personal approach to customers, we integrated a system of cross-selling recommendations. This system analyzes user preferences and suggests what items they might like.

Set of goods
On the admin side, we made a tool for content managers where they could upload a photo containing images of several goods, add it to a certain category, and then bind particular goods to it.

This approach allows stimulating complex purchases when a buyer purchases the whole set of goods at a time, contributing to an average ticket size increase.
Let’s talk about a new mobile app for you! 
Artem Sitnikov, CEO
Artem Sitnikov
Let’s talk about a new mobile app for you! 
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