Mobile app for dental hygienists
Project goal
Create a mobile application for dental hygienists that optimizes the workflow of doctors, reduces the time for adding a patient to the database, taking a dental snapshot, and uploading it to the system. Uploaded data is analyzed by artificial intelligence.
Implementation of a new brand design concept for the mobile app.
Integration with a backend that works based on artificial intelligence to analyze a photo of the oral cavity.
New features
  • Implemented role-based access control in applications. Each role permits certain capabilities, while users can only perform the actions associated with their specific role.
  • Integration with artificial intelligence. AI-reporting tools.
  • Special dashboard. We developed a dashboard with all clinic statistics for the chief physician.
  • Reports on examination results. We implemented the automatic sending of reports to the user’s mailbox by the results of the analysis of the oral cavity images.
  • UX|UI design. We created a new design concept for the brand in the mobile app and adapted it to the target group of users.
Let’s talk about a new mobile app for you! 
Artem Sitnikov, CEO
Artem Sitnikov
Let’s talk about a new mobile app for you! 
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