Grill bar
47 grill bars in different cities with their own delivery service
Project goal
We helped our client to rebuild their old app version and added new necessary features. Our work has led to great results:
  • Boosted the rating at stores from 2.3 to 4.9
  • Achieved a 3-fold boost in conversion by building user-friendly ordering flows
We found and fixed the bugs due to which we managed to hit an all-time high fail safety. The app design has already been outdated, and the user interface has required significant improvements to make it more user-friendly.
New features
UI/UX design
Making a user-friendly app takes a thorough analysis of the UX, especially its navigation: it has to be intuitive, and the main user scenarios have to take as little as two or three taps. Thus, it’s crucial for a food tech to optimize its checkout flow.

Localization of the food catalog
For each bar, there are dishes that the clients can order at their address. They are specified by the selected delivery address or bar for take-away.

Loyalty system
Customers can pay with bonuses while in the grill bar (points are deducted when using the bonus account and receiving a code), and by scanning the QR code, the customer can get additional points.
Bar orders payment
Customers can pay for the order without the waiter using a QR code on the table with its ID number and restaurant ID. The functionality of the application for different cities and different bars within the city is customizable (can be configured).

Additional authorization methods
These methods allow saving money on SMS sending. We expanded the number of authorization options by adding call passwords. To use it, customers enter their phone numbers and get an incoming call, where the last four digits of the phone number are the authorization code.

What else was created?
  • Users can change the order in the cart, get comprehensive info on each meal (ingredients, fats, carbs, proteins, and calories), repeat the order, choose between delivery and pickup, enter promo codes, choose one of the previous addresses.
  • Let’s take a look at the common case: the user adds items to the cart, proceeds to payment, and the app informs that part of the order cannot be delivered. The user gets upset and cancels the order. To avoid such inconvenience, we check the dishes' availability for the selected address before displaying it in the catalog.
Let’s talk about a new mobile app for you! 
Artem Sitnikov, CEO
Artem Sitnikov
Let’s talk about a new mobile app for you! 
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