Electronic platform for organizations willing to pay rewards/bonuses to their employees/customers en masse and automatically
Project goal
Create an electronic platform to generate personal accounts of partner companies, where they will be able to make their own remuneration payments (transfers and/or issue virtual cards, mobile payments, gift certificates).
Laravel+Vue JS
  • provide the partner company with a tool for making payments;
  • organize monitoring of transactions;
  • provide users with different levels of access to the platform depending on the tasks.
New features
We developed a special platform where there are 2 main roles: Users of the control panel and users of the partner's personal account
Users of the control panel can
  • Create a personal account for a partner company.
  • Enter company data and add services (bank transfers, virtual card issue, mobile payments, gift certificates).
  • Set up services (commission amount, minimum/maximum amount, etc.).
  • Add user(s) of the Partner Company's Personal Office.
  • Configure the API to connect the Partner's Personal Profile with the account in the processing center and carry out transactions.
  • View all reports on transactions and user actions.
Users of the partner company's personal account can
  • Generate a top-up account and pay it.
  • Make transactions independently.
  • View all the reports on the performed operations.
Project development date: November 2022 - January 2023
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Artem Sitnikov, CEO
Artem Sitnikov
Have a new project in mind? Let’s talk!
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