Marketplace for rolled steel products with real prices and availability in stock
Platferrum Marketplace is an ecosystem that enables fast and secure transactions and a wide range of online services to improve business efficiency for all stakeholders: steel producers, steel service providers and specialized services, financial and logistics service providers, traders, and SMEs
Project goal
Create a separate, independent system to quickly and securely conduct transactions and obtain various kinds of services (including online) to improve business efficiency.
Frontend: Vue JS
Backend: PHP (Laravel), Go
The main goal of the Platform is to fundamentally change the format of searching for rolled metal products and the procedure for their purchase.
Thus, we need to create an ecosystem of services, tools, and mechanisms for the digitalization of the Russian steel market. The main objective was to simplify the purchase and sale of products without loss of quality and guarantee a high level of cooperation between the parties to the transaction, making the market more stable and transparent.
“Platferrum” was designed as a digital marketplace with the key difference that it benefits both suppliers and buyers.
Suppliers and buyers of steel products should be able to quickly connect to the platform that provides them with a new digital sales channel without the cost of advertising and promotion. In this way, “Platferrum” should become a complete substitute for an in-house online shop. In addition to this profitable option, suppliers can increase revenues from their own services (logistics, metalworking) by means of new orders and regular price and market analyses.

New features
  • Creation and development of an interface and design for a technically complex, multifunctional product. Implementation of an interface that is as simple and straightforward as possible, taking into account the extended functionality of the platform.
  • Single product catalog with offers from various suppliers.
  • Import of suppliers’ goods and their adaptation to the unified catalog and product card.
  • Different ways of integrating various supplier accounting systems with Platferrum: API, module for 1C, file import.
  • Development of client integration module for 1C to automate export of suppliers' goods to “Platferrum”.
  • System for automatic data standardization and distribution of imported supplier goods to product cards.
  • Supplier’s personal office and buyer’s personal office with the ability to track order status, exchange order documents, and communicate with transaction participants.
  • Development of PIM — a system for centralized storage and management of large arrays of goods data.
  • Integration with CRM Bitrix 24, design and customization of business processes, construction of sales funnel.
  • Integration with analytics systems and building BI dashboards for end-to-end data and process analytics.
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Artem Sitnikov, CEO
Artem Sitnikov
Have a new project in mind? Let’s talk!
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